The Young Researchers of the Complex Systems Society (yrCSS) are part of the Complex Systems Society. We promote initiatives aimed to stimulate collaboration between young researchers.

How to become a Member of yrCSS?
How to register as a Full Member of yrCSS?
What is the yrCSS Advisory Board?
How often is it renewed?
Who can join the yrCSS Advisory Board?


How to become a Member of yrCSS?

Membership to yrCSS is FREE.
Nonetheless, in order to join yrCSS as a Full Member you need to:

  • be an active Complex System Society Member (i.e., have paid the fee to be an official member of CSS)

  • work in complex systems

  • be either:

    • a master student

    • a PhD student

    • an early post doc (up to four years from Ph.D.)

Full Members of yrCSS retain their membership until they automatically become yrCSS Alumni after four years of post doc.


How to register as a Member of yrCSS?

If you are a CSS member (i.e., if you have paid the fee and have an active membership) you can do the following steps:

Step1: Log in your CSS member page


Step 2: Click on “Edit Profile”


Step 3: Check the box corresponding to “I am a Young Complex System Society Member”


What is the yrCSS Advisory Board?

yrCSS Advisory Board is the administrative organ of yrCSS and is also a Committee of CSS.
It is composed by six members among which a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

  • The Advisory Board determines the direction and targets of yrCSS as an association.
  • It takes decisions regarding the representation of yrCSS and the different yrCSS activities.
  • It takes care of the yrCSS budget.
  • It creates and coordinates Working Commisions for the organization of yrCSS activities, as the Online Community, Satellite sessions at the Conference on Complex Systems, Workshops, etc.


How often is it renewed?

It is partially renewed by elections each year.
The Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer are appointed with an internal election after the renewal.


Who can join the yrCSS Advisory Board?

Any Full Member of the yrCSS is eligible to be elected.

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