A summer season full of events

Going to big conferences can be overwhelming, especially for young researchers that have not been part of the community a long time. 
This summer season there are going to be two major conferences for our community: ICCS on July 22nd-28th and CCS on September 23rd-29th.

To help with the uneasiness we organised informal, fun events with prominent members of the Complex Systems Society to learn from and get to know each other before the beginning of a conference.

In July

The Society of Young Network Scientists (SYNS) and the young researchers of the Complex Systems Society (yrCSS) are proud to announce “My Favorite Line of Code” a pre-conference event for young researchers at ICCS2018 in Cambridge (MA).

How Does it work?
Students and young researchers give short (2-3 minute) informal talks about a line(s) of code that is integral to their work.
We’ll be hearing wisdom from the experts that will be sharing their favorite line of code:

Simon DeDeo (Carnegie Mellon University),
Marta Gonzalez (University of California, Berkeley),
Esteban Moro (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid & MIT) 

For more information visit the page: My favorite line of code @ ICCS2018 


In September

The yrCSS is glad to bring to you the 5th edition of the CCS Warm-up!

Coinciding with the Conference on Complex Systems, and profiting the opportunity offered by the presence of a wide variety of experts in different topics in Thessaloniki, we are organising a school for PhD students and early-stage researchers to prepare for such a big event. 

Going to big conferences like CCS can be overwhelming, especially for people that have not been part of the community a long time. The school aims to offer young researchers the opportunity to learn new methods, present their work and meet fellow researchers, so to take the most out of the 5-days-long Conference on Complex Systems.

The school is going to be a 2 days informal event to be held the weekend before the CCS’18 conference on September 21-23 2018, with three 3h long courses from prominent researchers of the  Complex Systems Society, flash presentations from the school participants and a day long social event. 

Visit our page: CCS Warm-up 2018

Early bird registration ends July 23rd 2018!

Meet Awesome Researchers!
Get Feedback on YOUR research!
Relax, Learn, Talk Science!

We are a community of passionate early stage researchers in complex systems science. We promote and organize initiatives including annual Bridge Grants, the Warm-Up school on Complex Systems, and the Winter Workshop in Complex Systems, with the support of the Complex Systems Society.
To find out more, follow us on Facebook/Twitter or contact us at yr.cssociety@gmail.com


The yrCSS is proud to present a new funding opportunity to help young researchers attend events in the area of complex systems:

Scholarships for Events on Complex Systems (SECS)

Welcome to the new members of the Advisory Board: Eugenio Valdano, Krishna Bathina and Mateusz Wilinski.

Congratulations to 2018 Bridge Grants awardees!

Enrico Ubaldi –  Bernarndo Monechi (ISI – Sony CSL Paris)
Mateusz Wilinski – Tomasz Raducha (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa – IFISC)
Ana Maria Jaramillo Mejía – Ana Lucia Rodrìguez (Universidad de los Andes – Florida International University)

We are excited to announce our new name!
YRNCS has decide to rebrand and is now yrCSS – Young researchers of the Complex Systems Society. yrCSS_logo

Thanks a lot for the hard work to Federico Battiston and Laura Alessandretti, who ended their terms as chair and secretary/treasurer of the Young Researchers of the Complex Systems Society (yrCSS) on Oct. 17 2017.
Following internal elections, the new Chair is Alberto Antonioni, the new Secretary is Federico Botta and the new Treasurer is Alice Patania. Good luck!

Congratulations to 2017 Bridge Grants awardees! Iván G. Torre and Oriol Artime, Fariba Karimi and Eun Lee.

Welcome to the new members of the Advisory Board: Alice Patania, Federico Botta and Alberto Antonioni.

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