<< Partial renewal of the yrCSS Advisory Board >>

This year three places are vacant with a mandate of two years (replacing the three members at the end of their mandate). The bid for candidacies will be open until 15th March. The vote will be open from 16th till 22nd March.

To submit your application, login to cssociety.org and click on “Open Ballots” on your homepage and then on “Partial renewal of the yrCSS Advisory Board”.

ANNOUNCEMENT: due to technical issues with the website, the access to the ballots is temporarily suspended. The deadline for submissions and voting will be extended and announced soon. Please stay tuned!

We are a community of passionate early stage researchers in complex systems science. We promote and organize initiatives like annual Bridge Grants, Scholarships for Events on Complex Systems, and the Warm-Up school on Complex Systems with the support of the Complex Systems Society.

To find out more head to the About page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook or contact us at yr.cssociety@gmail.com