2019 – Singapore

Coinciding with the Conference on Complex Systems, and profiting the opportunity offered by the presence of a wide variety of experts in different topics in Singapore, we are organising a school for PhD students and early-stage researchers to prepare for such a big event. The school aims to offer young researchers the opportunity to learn new methods, present their work and meet fellow researchers.

The school is going to be a three days informal event to be held the weekend before the CCS’19 conference on September 27-29 2019, with three courses from prominent senior researchers, flash presentations from the school participants and a day long social event. Everything is being organised to help the participants get the most out of the CCS’19 Conference in Singapore.

Important details

The registration is open and available here. Deadline for early bird (50 euros plus a small commission) is 31st of July 18th of August. The late registration fee will be 70 euros. The fee covers lectures, coffee breaks, lunches and the social event. We offer a limited number of scholarships covering the registration fee and a contribution towards accommodation for the Warm Up. If you would like to apply, send us an email with a CV and a cover letter by July 15th. You will be notified about the result by July 22nd.

For further information please write us at yr.cssociety@gmail.com

The Program

Friday, Sept. 27th

09:30 – Registration
10:00 – Lecture: Carlos Gershenson
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:30 – Lecture: Carlos Gershenson
12:30 – Flash Presentations
13:30 – Lunch
14:30 – Lecture: Stefan Thurner
15:30 – Coffee Break
16:00 – Lecture: Stefan Thurner
17:00 – The End of Day One

Saturday, Sept. 28th

09:30 – Morning small talks
10:00 – Lecture: Vittoria Colizza
11:00 – Coffee Break
11:30 – Lecture: Vittoria Colizza
12:30 – Lecture: Federico Levi
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Lecture: Federico Levi
15:00 – Flash Talks
17:00 – The End of Day Two

Sunday, Sept. 29th

11:00 – We meet at the Bayfront MTR station
11:15 – Social event START

The Speakers

Federico Levi is a Senior Editor at Nature Physics. He re-joined the jurnal in 2017, having previously been a Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications. His studies began at the University of Milan, where he specialized in the dynamics of open quantum systems. He then obtained his PhD from the University of Freiburg where he studied entanglement theory and energy transfer in disordered systems, with a focus on identifying quantum effects in biological processes.

Carlos Gershenson is a tenured research professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He has a broad variety of academic interests, including self-organising systems, complexity, artificial life, information, evolution, cognition, artificial societies, and philosophy. He is a tenured full-time research professor, leader of the Self-organising Systems Lab. Currently, He is on a sabbatical year as a visiting professor at SENSEable City Lab, MIT, and at MOBS Lab in Northeastern. Additionally, he is Editor-in-Chief of Complexity Digest and Complexity-at-Large Editor of Complexity.

Vittoria Colizza is a Director of Research at Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) & Sorbonne University, Faculté de Médecine, Paris, France. She leads the EPIcx lab working on the characterisation and modeling of the spread of emerging infectious diseases, by integrating methods of complex systems with statistical physics approaches, computational sciences, geographic information systems, and mathematical epidemiology. In 2017 she obtained the Erdős–Rényi Award.

Stefan Thurner is a full professor for Science of Complex Systems at the Medical University of Vienna, where he chairs Section for Science of Complex Systems. He is external professor at the Santa Fe Institute, senior researcher at IIASA, and president of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. He started his career with contributions to theoretical particle physics and gradually shifted his research focus to the understanding of complex systems. He is interested in network theory, evolutionary systems, life sciences, economics and finance and lately in social sciences. He holds two patents.

Flash presentations

Active participation of the audience is an important part of the Warm Up and everyone is encouraged to give a flash presentation and a flash talk. The presentation is just one minute of introducing yourself to others with one slide in the background. The talk is a 5 min talk about your scientific work. You will be asked to send slides closer to the due date, but when preparing, remember that the time constraints will be strict.

Social Event

For the Social Event we will meet at the Bayfront MTR station at 11:00. Detailed program is classified. All you need to know is to reserve the whole day for it. There will be sightseeing (check out the picture below!), there will be street food, there will be Singapores night life…

The Organizers

– Mateusz Wiliński
– Cynthia Siew
– Sofia Teixeira
– Krishna Bathina
– Tomasz Raducha
– Matteo Cinelli
– Jarosław Klamut


The event will take place at
the Nanyang Technological University:

The Arc – Learning Hub North (LHN)
LHN-B2-09  (Basement 2)
63 Nanyang Drive Singapore 636922