Taking advantage of the presence of a wide variety of experts in different topics meeting for CCS, we are organising a three-day informal event for PhD students and early-stage scientists. You will have the opportunity to attend talks by prominent researchers, learn about the scientific and life experience of young and senior colleagues, and – last but not least – have fun and socialize.


Warm-up: October 13-15, 2023, the weekend just before the Conference on Complex Systems.


🇧🇷 at SENAI CIMATEC in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (same as CCS)

🌐 online (for a symbolic fee of 5€ only, check it out!)


Here are a few things that you can expect to happen during the event:

  • talks about behind the scenes aspects of scientific work,
  • an interactive workshop on challenging aspects of academia,
  • specifically tailored trivia games,
  • an on-site social event.

The sessions will be divided by lunch and coffee breaks, where participants may chat with their peers. If you are unable to join us in person, do not despair – the event will have an online counterpart with its own social activities!


All the times shown here are in Brazilian time (BRT)!


Announcement banner for Johan Bollen's participation as a speaker to the warm-up

Johan Bollen’s interests range a wide variety of domains: from computational social science and social complexity to health and machine learning, as well as… DJing 🎧. Yes, you read that correctly! As intrigued as we are? Come to the warm-up to find out more!

Announcement banner for Nelly Litvak's participation as a speaker to the warm-up

Nelly Litvak is a professor in applied mathematics, network scientist, non-fiction author and fearless critic of the education system, looking to create a brighter future for learning and teaching.

Announcement banner for José Garcia Vivas Miranda's participation as a speaker to the warm-up

Garcia is a professor of physics, with a passion for complex systems, computational models, neuroscience, biomechanics, and mini chalk sculptures!

Patricia Brito is a professor at the Department of Transport and Geodesy Engineering and will offer us a special vision of Salvador da Bahia from a complex systems perspective.

Social event

This year, we have a special social activity! Professor Johan Bollen, one of our speakers, has generously accepted to be our DJ after Saturday’s event. The party is accessible to all CCS attendees for a small fee and it’s free for all Warm-up participants.

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