The yrCSS Advisory Board is composed of six members and is partially renewed every year. This year, there are three vacant places with a mandate of two years. We are therefore looking for motivated early-career researchers who wish to be a part of the Advisory Board. Please, consider applying and/or spreading this call. Do not hesitate to contact us at yr.cssociety.gmail.com, or any of the current or past members directly if you have doubts, we are happy to explain our mission and initiatives 🤗


This process is restricted to the young researchers’ group within the CSS community, for both applying and voting. A “young researcher” or “yrCSS” is a master’s student, Ph.D. candidate, or early-stage researcher (up to 4 years after Ph.D.) working on complex systems. 

You can access the Ballot platform in your personal CSS account profile. As we are updating the yrCSS group, please, contact us if you qualify as yrCSS but cannot access the ballot. Likewise, if you have access but are not a young researcher anymore, please, let us know.


  • Applications:
    • Applications period: February 19th – March 1st, 23:59 CET (2024).
    • Candidates should write a short statement to express their vision, objectives, and reasons for wanting to be part of the Advisory Board. This is an opportunity to communicate your commitment to serving the yrCSS community.
    • Candidates must be yrCSS.
  • Voting:
    • Voting period: March 4th – March 18th, 23:59 CET (2024).
    • Only yrCSS can vote.
    • Vote only once and for a maximum of 3 candidates.
    • All votes are equal.
    • After voting, a code will appear. It is important to print the page or save the code as proof of voting.

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